Property owners have the right to expect construction work to be defect-free and completed according to specifications. Contractors, subcontractors, and other parties involved in a construction project have the right to address or remedy allegedly faulty work.

When disputes over construction defects arise, it can be valuable to enlist an attorney with the experience to protect your rights and interests. At Sejpal Law Firm, PA we approach construction defect claims with care, working with experts as needed. We compare the final outcome to the initial plan to understand what, if anything, went wrong. Then, we design a legal strategy to achieve a positive resolution. As Florida trial attorneys, we are prepared to argue these cases in court to get an outcome that meets your needs.

Construction defect cases can become complex quickly because of the number of parties involved in a construction project. A homeowner or commercial property owner typically initiates the action. Often, the contractor is the target of the lawsuit. Many other parties may be involved, however, including the architect who designed the project if accused of defective design or the materials supplier if accused of supplying defective materials.

At Sejpal Law Firm, PA we know how to sort through the layers of complexity in these cases to protect your interests and pursue a positive outcome through negotiation or trial.