real-estate-closingReal Estate purchases, whether they are Residential or Commercial, are important transactions for any person or business and you should always consult a Real Estate Attorney for your closings. Whether you are going to live on the property, operate a business from it or develop it, it is vital that your ownership of the property be indisputable. At Sejpal Law Firm, PA, we work to ensure your ownership of property is beyond question.

Prior to your real estate closing, we can fulfill title search requirements — including the review of liens, mortgages, escrows, easements and other matters of record — and advise you on title insurance matters. A benefit of using Sejpal Law Firm, PA as your Title Company and Kunal Sejpal, Esq as your title agent, is that as attorneys we are versed in resolving any legal issues that may arise during the course of your transaction, and can draft necessary contracts & agreements to facilitate your closing. We also provide our closing clients a reduction in rates for other services.

As part of your Real Estate Closing you can obtain title insurance. Title insurance provides purchasers with the assurance that they will acquire the property they intended to buy and guards against financial loss due to title defects by ensuring reimbursement for losses should a valid claim against the property arise. The title to the property will be protected up to the amount of insurance provided by the policy. We are an approved agent of the Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC, one of Florida’s largest underwriters of title insurance.

Our experience gives us the skill necessary to manage the substantial risk and responsibility associated with the issuance of title insurance. We offer advice on the level of title insurance necessary to protect your investment and bottom line. Contact Us If you or your business is considering a real estate purchase or refinance in Florida, we are ready to discuss your title insurance needs.