Purchasing or selling a business can be an incredibly complex process fraught with risk. It is vital that you protect your interests, whether as the buyer or seller. At Sejpal Law Firm, PA we can represent buyers and sellers of many different kinds of businesses throughout Florida. With our experience handling purchases and sales from the perspective of both the buyer and the seller, we can help to ensure that your purchase or sale of a Florida business goes as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or seeking to participate in your first business purchase or sale, the importance of having proper legal representation to protect your interests in the transaction cannot be overstated.

After the due diligence period has come to a successful and satisfactory conclusion and the buyer is ready to close, there are numerous closing documents that need to be executed by the parties to conclude the sale.

At Sejpal Law Firm, PA we can draft all the necessary closing documents that protect both buyer and seller of the business. It is essential that the closing documents are drafted by an attorney, we at Sejpal Law Firm, PA have had come across many situations where parties have not consulted with an attorney during the transaction nor had any closing documents drafted by a business attorney which has resulted in unforeseen problems and costly litigation after closing.